Fence, Stump Grinding, Faucets

Two projects got done yesterday, not by us, but by “Jon” and “John”: new fence at Edgewater and long overdue stump grinding here.

Ron set up the hoses today and turned on water to the outdoor faucets.

I replanted the small blue spruce that was knocked askew yesterday and UPS’d the revised contract pages to HFCU.

Ron did some more wood chipping. I cleaned up the area at the end of the U where Jon ground down the stumps.

Dropped off the truck for Peter to use to get to a job interview tomorrow.

More insane reactions to my innocent post in the “Mashpee Message” FB page.

These are people who hate anyone who doesn’t think exactly in the same way as they do. This is not people who disagree with them, it’s more fundamental and more intolerant: they hate people who can’t read their * minds.

Example: I posted a question on the “Mashpee Message Haters” page asking about traffic tie-ups on the day the Yarmouth policeman was buried. Turns out, Route 6 had been blocked for a while to allow a cordon of off-Cape police to get over the Sagamore.

Instead of a rational answer, I got a bunch of crazy reactions, including one curse-laden private message. The moderator accused me of posting an inflammatory message: “You should have known” blah blah.

This is the world we live in, that a question about traffic flow not only gets misinterpreted but the person in charge joins in the piling on.

Left the page, had enough: out of over 1,800 people, there are 5 or so lunatics. Hope the administrator can deal with them.


Ron brought a book for the Seidner gang to the post office.

Also mailed letters to four cousins on the McLean side to see if any of them knew the cow story.

It rained off and on. I had some interesting dialogues on FB about the murder of a 32 year old Yarmouth policeman.

The “Blue Line” is something most of us haven’t experienced, and it’s affecting. The average office worker would slit the throats of their coworkers if they could get away with it.

Fence Materials

Materials arrived this afternoon.

I cleaned up a bunch of leaves, weeds and twigs from the front yard at Edgewater. Filled the truck, made a trip to the transfer station and came back for the rest.

Nice emails from Sandy and Eilis.

Rented “The Shape of Water” for cheap. Ron liked it a lot. I thought “Three Billboards” was better. Still want to see “Get Out” and “The Post”.

The poem at the end, which came across as a sappy Harlequin romance bit, was written by a Sufi about his relationship with God. It makes a lot more sense that way.

“Unable to perceive the shape of you, I find you all around me. Your presence fills my eyes with your love. It humbles my heart, for you are everywhere.”


Ron has been working with the shredder since before lunch. He fed the first set of chipped wood through twice more, which makes a very good compostable mulch.

I did some more raking in the front yard and on the right side of the house at Edgewater. Filled the truck and hope to finish with the next visit.

When I close my eyes, I see oak branches.

John from Emerald came by to drop off cards. He’ll be back on Monday to grind stumps: thank goodness.

Spinach, beets, cuke and goat cheese salad for lunch. Fast, healthy and good.

Red Letter Day

Livy called and we had a good long conversation!

Ron got the shredder running. We made a few mistakes and figured out how to avoid and/or correct them. We are both pleased with the machine.

Mailed Sandy’s books yesterday. $23, yikes. The process took so long that by the time I left, the line had grown from zero to five or so people. Can’t say enough for the postal worker who helped me!

Ron had an excellent checkup on his eye yesterday. Very relieved.

I made a quiche today with cheddar cheese embedded with roast onion, spinach and beets. We’ve been living on Express salads, which have been on sale.

Forsythia; Potluck

Cut down the forsythia at Edgewater yesterday.

Ordered fence materials at Home Depot and bought books at Titcomb’s for Sandy G. and Jen’s gang.

Joined the Republican Town Committee for a potluck at the Senior Center last evening. It was fun!


We met in Middleboro with a manager from Hanscom yesterday to sign off on our HELOC.

Lively thread on FB on jobs on Cape and property values in Mashpee.

Finding more ancestors and connections, back to the 17th century. From nothing to 400 years in a matter of days.

Genealogy; Indoor Spring Cleaning

Ron steam washed the kitchen, hallway and bathroom floors. We each worked on cleaning the bathroom sink trap.

We did the usual as well: changed sheets, laundry, transfer station.

I made a white asparagus/feta/egg dish for brunch.

Upgraded a couple of genealogy memberships this week and as a result, getting a lot more information about the McLeans and the Coes.

Edgewater Yard Work; Standout

Wrapped up a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio to give to Paul at the standout this morning; his 76th birthday was yesterday.

Stopped at the bank and mailed the twins’ birthday cards.

Ron pointed out that the gas gauge was pointing close to empty, so we filled the truck at the Waquoit Cumby.

After lunch, we finished up the back yard at Edgewater early enough to drop off at the transfer station. We got almost all of the branches, a lot of leaves, and cleaned out the weed pile next to the fence.

John will be replacing the fence on the right side this week.