Must admit, I am more in sympathy with Trump supporters as time goes by.

I’m one of the majority of Americans who has played by the rules, paid my taxes and my bills, gotten an education, worked hard, raised my son to be a good man, and find myself at age 71 behind the 8 ball because I didn’t have the right looks or the right personality to “get ahead”.

Trump represents a fellow who didn’t follow the rules, and I find his idiosyncrasy and non-conformity appealing. Also, he’s not a hypocrite like the current leaders for the Democratic party Presidential nomination in 2020.

I can’t summon a state of high dudgeon because he groped some gold digging women who were trading on their looks.

I don’t like his appointees, but the Senate failed to advise and consent in a bipartisan, objective and one might say patriotic manner.

We’ve had some lousy Presidents in the past and Trump may go down as one of those but so far, the country has survived.  May it continue.