Quality of Life Improved for Free

Found the top to a nice pitcher yesterday and remembered this morning that the pitcher was in a rarely-used cabinet along with a Nespresso machine and several boxes of pods.

Ron reprimed the water pump and came up with the idea of espresso with Amaretto.  A splendid treat, a luxury in fact, for no money.

These little niceties, like the wooden plant hanger retrieved from the cellar, the wrought iron tables from Job Lot, clearing the kitchen counter and wintering over some flowers and herbs have done a lot for my morale.

I’d left the le creuset outside, which turned out to be a good idea, since it went below freezing last night.  After bringing it in, I was able to carve out four freezer bags worth.  Emma came by to drop off some “Chenglish” muffins and I gave her a serving of soup for home.