Yesterday was chocolate cake day, so I overcame my preferred state of laziness and made a double batch of gluten free chocolate cake.

Although I’d put two quarters of butter on the counter in the morning, I hadn’t taken account that they’d been frozen. That made the butter extremely difficult to work with. I cut out parchment paper for the cake pans, which was also was hard on my hands. Poor me.

The cake layers turned out great, though, and I made frosting this morning.

Yesterday we had reasonably pleasant temperatures although it was quite windy. Ron installed more gutter guards and I raked up piles of ornamental grass fronds, which I threw over the strawberries and rhubarb for now. Raining today, and we may get some snow tomorrow.

We had cheese Chenglish muffin sandwiches and salad for lunch.

I made a vegetable chili today with corn, tomatoes, beans, squash, carrots and spinach. We were through with chores, including the transfer station run, by about 3.

I’m still fighting whatever it is in my right eye, although not feeling as tired as I was a week ago.