Ron’s Happy Day; My Happy Day (Taxes Done)

Yesterday, Ron got the folding extension ladder he’s been wanting, on sale at Harbor Freight, and a ladder stabilizer at Home Depot.

I worked on tax inputs all day and finished this morning.

Like a distracted fool, I closed the BofA account that Peter was using to deposit rent without saving off the statements. A nice person at the Falmouth branch ran them off for me today.

I worked hard last year and made decent coin, but aside from paying off credit cards, taxes and propping up Edgewater, have not a good idea of where the money went.

In any event, we are back from a meeting with our tax preparer and we are unscathed for yet another year. Today is National Yogurt Day, and our local shop is doing a 2 for 1, so we stopped to celebrate on the way home.