Ron’s Eye

We were able to get Ron in to see Dr. Kadrmas yesterday morning.

He found breaks between the membrane that holds the intraocular fluid and the retina and repaired them with a laser.

Ron was lucky. If we hadn’t done anything, it’s possible that the retina could have detached.

That afternoon, we dropped the truck off at Edgewater so Peter could use it to drive Alpha to meet her friend in Franklin. Afterwards, we stopped to gas up the van and dropped in to the opening of Naukabout Brewery. Had a drink there with our plumbers Bob, Tom and Jake.

I made quinoa, mushrooms and parsnips for supper.

Ron dropped me off at Edgewater this morning to reclaim the truck. I did some yard cleanup and brought the load from both houses to the transfer station.

We got approved for our loan. Waiting for details on the closing.

Leftovers for lunch today.