Easter; April Fool’s; Truck

No cooking today, cooked yesterday: vegetarian chili and tapioca.

Yesterday, Ron remounted the shower curtain and put up the utility hangers in the shed, much to my delight.

I brought the truck to Sullivan Tire. Had intended to go to Cape & Islands for alignment, but turns out the problem was with rims on the back tires. It also needs front brakes, not a surprise. Enjoyed their shuttle service with a vivacious, chatty lady about our age.

Took it out today on the highway today and noticed it still shakes at around 70.

We did the usual for Sunday and I raked about 1/3 of the back yard at Edgewater, including the little garden next to the shed, while Ron did the transfer station run.

I also transplanted a smallish grass, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

Lots of genealogy activities today, including joining The Coe Family! page on Facebook and researching Livy Coe, who was an Ensign in the Navy in WWII.