Lots to Record

Yesterday, Ron drove Cathy and me back and forth for her eye surgery.

It turned out to be an excessively long day for her: picked her up at noon and she wasn’t out of recovery until about 3:30.

She’d been fasting since the day before, so we picked up a veggie pizza for her and a Marguerita for us on the last trip.

Sullivan Tire’s shuttle driver gave me a lift so I could bring my truck home, also yesterday.

We’d done a small shop at Job Lot and Shaw’s the day before when we dropped the truck off.

I sent letters to the Lieutenant’s two sons today in the hope that one of them will agree to a DNA test.

Unfortunately, there was a bad news article about Ancestry in the press today about a woman who found out that her mother’s creepy ObGyn was her birth father.

Well, at least I don’t have to worry about that possibility.

Got a sensible proposal from Peter’s friend John to create our basement room. Still waiting for a definite date on closing our loan.

Ron’s been working on the solar lights. Today I dug out leaves from the shrubs in the front yard.