Edgewater; Ancestry; Laser Eye

Yesterday: Spent a couple of hours at Edgewater. Didn’t get done what I wanted to, but did clear a pile of vicious cat briar that was in front of the fence.

Started clearing a stand of weeds on the left side of the yard and did some raking.

Ron cut the big tree branch. Between everything, we loaded the truck beyond capacity. I treated us at Naukabout.

Figured out more features on Ancestry. Deleted the William Smith tree and added relatives to my tree.

Made black bean soup for lunch and manicotti (frozen) and salad (packaged) for dinner.

Nailed down an appointment for our closing.

Peter is looking into getting his Associates Degree at 4C’s. Hope he does it.

Today: We brought the pile of brush, cat briar and leaves to the transfer station first thing.

Ron made scrambled eggs and I baked brownies. He drove us to Plymouth for my laser eye treatment: easy so far.

Started snowing as we left the eye doc’s office. Took Ron to lunch at Panera and we did a shop at the Shaw’s off Exit 6.

Roads were okay even with the snow, but there was a terrible backup getting off Cape at the Sagamore due to road construction; it’s down to two lanes from four.