Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

Okay, the power outage was due to a small fire at the Canal electric station, and it lasted only an hour or so. It was a moderate inconvenience, especially to folks who don’t have town water. NStar deserves credit for getting everyone back on line so fast.

Still, there’s something to be said for doing without some amenities, especially when it’s a clear night and you realize, even here, how many stars are hidden by the lights on your neighbors’ porches.
Down on the beach, there was no artificial light from the Vineyard, only from a couple of ferry boats and a bright half-moon.
My friend Indiana who comes from Cape Verde told me that when she was a kid, she liked to look at the stars. In Cape Verde, the night sky isn’t black, it’s dark blue.
Indy, I have some good news: you don’t have to go half way around the world to see a real night sky: it’s also dark blue when there’s a blackout on Cape Cod.