Edgewater; Ancestry; Laser Eye

Yesterday: Spent a couple of hours at Edgewater. Didn’t get done what I wanted to, but did clear a pile of vicious cat briar that was in front of the fence.

Started clearing a stand of weeds on the left side of the yard and did some raking.

Ron cut the big tree branch. Between everything, we loaded the truck beyond capacity. I treated us at Naukabout.

Figured out more features on Ancestry. Deleted the William Smith tree and added relatives to my tree.

Made black bean soup for lunch and manicotti (frozen) and salad (packaged) for dinner.

Nailed down an appointment for our closing.

Peter is looking into getting his Associates Degree at 4C’s. Hope he does it.

Today: We brought the pile of brush, cat briar and leaves to the transfer station first thing.

Ron made scrambled eggs and I baked brownies. He drove us to Plymouth for my laser eye treatment: easy so far.

Started snowing as we left the eye doc’s office. Took Ron to lunch at Panera and we did a shop at the Shaw’s off Exit 6.

Roads were okay even with the snow, but there was a terrible backup getting off Cape at the Sagamore due to road construction; it’s down to two lanes from four.

Lots to Record

Yesterday, Ron drove Cathy and me back and forth for her eye surgery.

It turned out to be an excessively long day for her: picked her up at noon and she wasn’t out of recovery until about 3:30.

She’d been fasting since the day before, so we picked up a veggie pizza for her and a Marguerita for us on the last trip.

Sullivan Tire’s shuttle driver gave me a lift so I could bring my truck home, also yesterday.

We’d done a small shop at Job Lot and Shaw’s the day before when we dropped the truck off.

I sent letters to the Lieutenant’s two sons today in the hope that one of them will agree to a DNA test.

Unfortunately, there was a bad news article about Ancestry in the press today about a woman who found out that her mother’s creepy ObGyn was her birth father.

Well, at least I don’t have to worry about that possibility.

Got a sensible proposal from Peter’s friend John to create our basement room. Still waiting for a definite date on closing our loan.

Ron’s been working on the solar lights. Today I dug out leaves from the shrubs in the front yard.

Easter; April Fool’s; Truck

No cooking today, cooked yesterday: vegetarian chili and tapioca.

Yesterday, Ron remounted the shower curtain and put up the utility hangers in the shed, much to my delight.

I brought the truck to Sullivan Tire. Had intended to go to Cape & Islands for alignment, but turns out the problem was with rims on the back tires. It also needs front brakes, not a surprise. Enjoyed their shuttle service with a vivacious, chatty lady about our age.

Took it out today on the highway today and noticed it still shakes at around 70.

We did the usual for Sunday and I raked about 1/3 of the back yard at Edgewater, including the little garden next to the shed, while Ron did the transfer station run.

I also transplanted a smallish grass, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

Lots of genealogy activities today, including joining The Coe Family! page on Facebook and researching Livy Coe, who was an Ensign in the Navy in WWII.

Ron’s Eye

We were able to get Ron in to see Dr. Kadrmas yesterday morning.

He found breaks between the membrane that holds the intraocular fluid and the retina and repaired them with a laser.

Ron was lucky. If we hadn’t done anything, it’s possible that the retina could have detached.

That afternoon, we dropped the truck off at Edgewater so Peter could use it to drive Alpha to meet her friend in Franklin. Afterwards, we stopped to gas up the van and dropped in to the opening of Naukabout Brewery. Had a drink there with our plumbers Bob, Tom and Jake.

I made quinoa, mushrooms and parsnips for supper.

Ron dropped me off at Edgewater this morning to reclaim the truck. I did some yard cleanup and brought the load from both houses to the transfer station.

We got approved for our loan. Waiting for details on the closing.

Leftovers for lunch today.

Ron Fell In the Shower

Ron slipped and fell, spectacularly.

I called his doctor and they insisted that he be seen in the ER. Falmouth ER took good care of him. CT scans were negative, but they strongly recommended that he be seen by an opthalmologist.

We were done early enough that I could drive Robert home. We figured out the address of the house that intrigues him. I’ll write to the owner to see if there’s a story there.

Made progress today with Sunnova. Finally have the name and contact info for a senior person in their issue resolutions department. She’s known to Trinity and well thought of there.

Baking Day

Ron reattached the little wood molding to the shed, had his eye test and after I found his wedding ring (on the floor), got it resized so he can wear it comfortably.

I drove Robert and moved money between bank accounts. We stopped so he could take photos of an interesting very decrepit house on Route 130 near Amos Pond Trail.

Believe I finally have the moves for scones.

Typical Sunday

It’s been flurrying off and on for most of the day.

Kitty came to visit, though.

We did the sheets, transfer station and laundry.

I’m on a Facebook thread with a couple of women who took offense at what they saw as my equating Black lives with animal lives.

I told them I prefer animals to people; no offense meant.

Shed Leveled and In Place

Joe was doing some work across the street and gave Ron a hand moving and leveling the shed.  They were able to slide it using the cardboard box that the toilet came in.

Ron installed 3 of the 4 anchors.

I met with a couple of contractors about refinishing the basement.  Wish we had $40,000 lying around

Raked up branches from the storms.

Made zucchini fritters and squash curry this past week and broccoli/cheddar quiche and tofu/spinach lasagna and salad tonight.


The new toilet is operational, and it is great.

I’ve spent a lot of time the last couple of days on DNA websites. It’s exhausting, but I’m encouraged.

Cathy rescheduled her appointment, so we don’t need to fret about the weather tomorrow.

Ron braced the lean-to shed with the ramps. I’m hoping we’ll be able to slide it easier in the snow.

Ron did something crass and sadistic today.  He’s lucky not to be in intensive care tonight.

Brunch; Branches; Glacier Bay

Cindy and Cathy treated me to brunch at Cape Crepe.

They gave me a scratch ticket that was worth $20. I used the proceeds to buy another that was worth $25.

Cleared branches in our yard and at Edgewater. Got most of the larger ones, many more to go.

We did the usual laundry, sheets, transfer station run.

Made an evening run to Home Depot for a Glacier Bay toilet. The old one overflows from time to time.