Right Eye

The Cape Healthcare Urgent Care center in Falmouth came to my rescue on Saturday.

I’ve had a problem with my right eye since a couple of weeks ago, when we were clearing debris from the gutters at Edgewater.  It started as a bite or a scratch at the corner of my eye that turned into an angry swelling that eventually resolved itself but returned a while later as a deep red inflammation around the entire eye.

The Nurse Practitioner on call diagnosed an infection around my eye and gave me erythromycin salve and a prescription for antibiotics.

I was blown away by the care I received by everyone, including the receptionist and the nurse.  I got there shortly before closing and I’m sure held them up (they left around 4:15), but they were kind and thorough nonetheless.

Made an appointment today to meet with a local attorney who’s a specialist in elder law.


We applied for passports today, unplanned, and luckily, I had enough in the checking account to cover costs.

Ron applied for his first and I applied for renewal.

Judy at the Town Clerk’s office was phenomenal.  We lucked out (again) that she was unexpectedly available to help us.

Ron has been putting this off for years.  I expected to just get our photos taken, but Judy had time to walk Ron through the application, name change and all.  I’m immeasurably relieved to have this done.  It means that in 6-8 weeks, we’ll be able to travel.  February and March are supposed to be good months for aurora displays in Iceland.

Got errands done over the last 24 hours: CVS, Walmart, Windfall, Kappy’s, Post Office.


Peter gave us a break today by driving Robert to work.  Alpha’s YAG session was cancelled, I guess due to weather.

Ron snowplowed the driveway.  And the street.  Don’t ask.








I cooked yesterday. Pizza for supper. Onions, beans, corn, rice, poached egg saute for lunch. Made some good soup out of old acorn squash. Ravenous today.

Defiance via Trump

Trump is popular because the Protestant Work Ethic and “love thy neighbor” have failed his supporters. So, Trump’s getting rich by being a scoundrel and a rogue and saying outrageous things feels like an act of defiance.

Getting Colder

Standout this morning in nice weather, no wind.

Filled up at Stop & Shop (2.19, 30 cent coupon), picked up a few things at Job Lot, then treated us to pastry from Maison Villatte, which is closing for winter break tomorrow.

They were out of croissants but West Falmouth Market had ’em.  Got lottery scratch tickets; no joy.

We took down the holiday lights.  Ron put away all the electrical cords and installed more gutter guards.

We brought the detritus from the Edgewater cleanup to the transfer station.

50° this morning; 33° now.


Mowing, and Now Rain

I did more leaf cleanup at Edgewater today, including mowing the back and shoveling the front road detritus.  Got a nice wave from a couple of town employees; I think they were cleaning sewers.

It was 50 degrees today but still too wet to pick up everything.  Swept the shed of leaves and Calcium Chloride; that at least is neater and cleaner.

It’s raining now, as expected, and supposed to get cold again.

We met with an attorney yesterday about credit card collection what-ifs after we die.  She’s looking into Medicare issues for us.

Took a drive to Seconsett the other day.  Got a pretty sunset pic at the golf course.

45 Degrees

That was the temperature at Robert’s workplace today.

I brought the boys a box of Starbucks dark roast and two hot sandwiches. Robert insisted on giving me tip money to cover cost.

Later, I dropped off our little Duraflame electric heater and a pizza from Zoe’s.

Ron acted like a heartless asshole, giving me a hard time about “proving” that the store really was cold “because of (his) scientific background”. I informed him that the thermostat measured 48 degrees and the thermometer, 45. He argued that maybe the owner wants it cold. I told him there were already 3 space heaters in the store, but only one, which had been provided by no lesser personage than the store manager, was working.

Unbelievable how anyone can have so little feeling for a grandchild.

The tailgate had been frozen, but I managed to get it open eventually, so we were able to do a transfer station run.

Even changed sheets and did laundry, per usual Sunday routine.

Watched a Schwarzenegger film “Sabotage”.

Too Cold to Compost

I defrosted both vehicles yesterday. Ron went out for gas and isopropyl alcohol; he reports it “works great” for de-icing.

Driveway and deck are covered with “popcorn” ice, impossible to shovel.

Ron made us some killer hot chocolate with Drambuie, cinnamon and a pinch of Nobska Farm jalapeno.

We watched “Elmer Gantry”. What a film!