Buckets; Jambalaya

Yesterday, I/we finally cleaned the 3 remaining honey buckets that have been in the cellar for well over a year.

Made vegan jambalaya too good to give away, per Ron.

Kitty came by in the morning and then again quite late last evening.

Alpha stayed over on Wednesday night. They made omelets for us and a strawberry cake! I baked blueberry scones from a mix.


I went out around 9 last night for crackers, snacks and DVDs.  Incredibly, was able to reserve “Three Billboards”, which blew us away.  Picked up “LBJ” as well.  It’s a Woody Harrelson film festival at our place today.

We’ve had several flickers this morning, but so far, have kept power and connectivity.  We braced the shed with the big ramps yesterday; it’s still upright.


Past My Prime

Today is my 72nd birthday:  3 squared times 2 cubed.   Prime again next year.

Went to Wareham for eye appointments.  The doc found things wrong with both of us, so it was a good “take”.  Ron treated me to a nice lunch at Lindsey’s.  The waitress treated us to their famous bread pudding!

On the way home, we stopped at an East Wareham legend, Phat Daddy’s, for cigarette papers for Ron, and Job Lot for potting material and bird food.

Daylight Savings Time

We did a fair amount today: the usual laundry, sheets, transfer station.  I did a couple of extra runs with yard detritus, including some raked today from the vegetable gardens and the fence.

We also got the shed moved so we can redo the gravel.  We placed boards parallel to the shed and pipes perpendicular to the boards.  We were able to roll it back about 6 feet.

Need to anchor it tomorrow; another blizzard may be on its way.

Nice pic of Ron; last evening’s sunset.  We are on Daylight Savings Time.  I reset SEVEN clocks this morning!

Cleaning Up

Got rid of a number of unused files in Warranty.

Cleaned the refrigerator.

Finally cut down and raked out the coreopsis.  Trimmed back the autumn clematis.

On a hunt for chedder chive scones.  Got a fine substitute at Washashore, but not a single scone to be found anywhere else.

Did a shop at Shaw’s and Windfall.  Picked up kale, spinach, blueberry turnover and Emma’s bread at the last Mahoney’s Farmer’s Market for the season.

Meeting Sandy

Our cousin from Oz was in town, and on Tuesday, Alpha and I took the train to South Station to spend a couple of hours with her between appointments.

She’s quite a gal: accomplished, charming, intelligent, gracious and outgoing.

It was startling to meet someone who considers us “family” and will take a while to process.

I screwed up Plan A by making us miss the train from Middleboro by seconds, so Alpha tracked down (pun intended) the next inbound from 128.

Worked out okay; we stopped at IKEA in Stoughton on the way back to the Cape.

Hung a set of curtains in the bedroom yesterday and made a casserole today.

Snowed this morning, melted quickly.


Yesterday’s winds knocked over the shed.  It missed the van by less than two feet.

A kind soul, John of Emerald Landscape (857) 345-0070, dropped by to help Ron upright the shed. He didn’t ask to be paid, unlike another person who quoted $125.